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Laurent Colby, PhD

Laurent – who many refer to as “Larry” - is a serial entrepreneur, investor, business strategist, commercial real estate broker, philanthropist, and father of four young children. While Laurent is indeed a person of many accomplishments, those who know him best often speak of his relaxed, caring and down-to-earth nature. Laurent will take on a new client project or invest in an entrepreneur's venture on a hand shake, simply if he likes the person and believes in their potential.

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{ Passion & Values }

A Letter From Laurent Colby

“Above all else in business, I believe in entrepreneurship and meritocracy”

Hello and thank you for visiting my website. I am originally from Paris, France but long before becoming a U.S. Citizen, I have always been an American at heart - as above all else in business, I believe in entrepreneurship, meritocracy “the American Dream” and the value of hard work. Specifically, I believe success is earned through passion, ambition, consistently putting forth great effort, and by never giving up on one’s goals. After all, it is through these principles and the system of capitalism that a country as young as America was able to grow and create opportunity so quickly - enabling any person, from any background, to achieve greatness - so long as they are willing to work for it.

It is for these reasons that when I speak with aspiring entrepreneurs and those seeking any type of services, partnership or business investment, I mostly focus on personality, drive and the desire to be successful. People who have something to prove and are willing to do “the necessary” to achieve success and create financial independence make for great clients, entrepreneurs and partners. Time and time again, my experience has shown me that these factors alone tell me much more about a person’s potential than anything else.

Nothing gives me more fulfillment and satisfaction than helping people and companies to thrive - through direct investment or through the services, resources and expertise of my business development, marketing, tech, and real estate companies. If you are an entrepreneur or business owner who seeks to launch, grow, or succeed beyond measure, I invite you to reach out to me to discuss. I will hear you out and let you know if I or one of my teams would be a good fit in helping you reach your goals.

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Laurent is a world traveler, lifelong athlete, and family man.

Laurent enjoys traveling for business and pleasure. He has been to all 50 U.S. states, every continent, and several dozen countries. As a triathlete, he also enjoys cycling, swimming, running and weight training. Laurent is also an avid tennis player.

Laurent has been married to his wife and business partner Nicole since 2007. The couple has four amazing children.

Specialties & Focus

Laurent continually seeks to be involved with high-potential projects.

Laurent is a big picture thinker with natural curiosity, attention to detail, and the keen ability to hone in on a person or venture’s innate potential. A charismatic leader with decades of entrepreneurial experience, one also quickly notices that Laurent has abundant energy, ambition, and the gift of motivating those around him to put their plans into action. Whether you’re seeking investment or would like to be backed by the resources of Laurent’s industry-leading marketing, tech, or real estate companies, go ahead and reach out to him to start the conversation.

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Laurent continually assists start-up companies to get launched and established companies to reach new goals.

Business Investment

Whether you need funding from a business investor or seek the backing of an equity investor, be sure to speak with Laurent.

Commercial Real Estate

As a licensed broker, Laurent can assist you with purchasing, leasing or selling all types of commercial real estate.

Community Involvement

Laurent believes in giving back and is happy to contribute to organizations and initiatives that support good causes.

Equity & Business Investments

Design Your Success

Create the life you want – on your own terms – by accomplishing your goals and putting your plans into action.

To make it all possible, Laurent offers both equity and direct business funding to those with high-potential.

Partnering for equity or having Laurent invest into your start-up venture or established business both provide a way for promising entrepreneurs and companies to achieve unanticipated levels of success.

Reach out to Laurent to speak further about the details of your project and determine which type of investment would be right for you.

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Founder / Partner / Business Leader

Laurent Colby, PhD is an accomplished entrepreneur, investor, business strategist & real estate broker…

Aside from his business investments and equity partnerships, Laurent has also founded, partnered in, and been the leader of marketing, tech, and commercial real estate companies - including Dialect Groupe, Dialect Realty, Medicis Marketing, and The Marketer Loft. Additionally, he has been an integral part of the successful development of his Companies’ numerous cloud-based software brands and service platforms, including Animated Inks, DocuSafe, Filldoc, Got2Chat, and ScreenHub.

Cloud-Based Software

Duo Partnerships

Medicis Marketing and The Marketer Loft combined their years of diverse industry knowledge and tech experience to develop service platforms and cloud-based software solutions known as Animated Inks, DocuSafe, Filldoc, Got2Chat, and ScreenHub. As a business leader and developer-programmer himself, Laurent played an active role in overseeing the development, testing, and market launch of each solution. He also currently hires ambitious professionals and companies to resell these solutions or earn generous commissions for client referrals. If you are interested in the reseller or referral program, feel free to reach out to Laurent to further discuss or complete the online application process.

Proudly Developed In Collaboration Between Medicis Marketing & The Marketer Loft

Animated Inks

Our team of creatives uses this thoughtfully developed platform to create amazing custom videos. Think explainer videos, patient edu videos, launch videos, business investment videos + more!

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A cloud-based file management software that gives authorized users access to company files from anywhere – and from any device - with an internet connection!

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Filldoc is an innovative digital form solution that is custom-built to perform. Sleek and user-friendly, Filldoc is symbolic with top-notch custom design that complements a company’s branding.

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Very impressive website chat software. See website visitors live and invite them to chat. Transfer chats between team members & departments. Collect leads offline and more!

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Wow-inducing, “call-to-action” website pop-up ads that are customized to increase engagement, sales, and leads. Integrates with newsletter systems, payment providers & sms gateways!

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{ Equity & Business Capital Investments }

Laurent has invested in hundreds of entrepreneurs, start-ups, and established companies. While he is open to nearly any type of promising venture, he has particular interest in being involved with a few types of select projects...

E-Commerce Ventures

Success On Your Own Terms

Equity Partnership Via Marketing Team

Relax & Reach Your Potential

Distressed Businesses

Game-Changing Guidance & Support

International Ambitions?

Reach Your Goals

Live and work from anywhere while creating the life you’ve always wanted to live. E-commerce ventures are perfect for those wanting a career change or a change of pace. Whether you already have the perfect concept, need assistance developing your idea, or need help brainstorming what type of e-commerce venture would fit you best, a partnership will enable you to quickly create your online business and reach your full potential.

Many will delay growth or indefinitely weaken their potential due to not having the resources to invest into marketing. Laurent’s intervention as a marketing equity partner changes this phenomenon and enables those with potential to grow beyond measure. When he partners with you, your company receives the backing of his industry-leading marketing companies for little to no upfront investment on your part. Simply relax and grow while knowing that you have the marketing support and business guidance you need.

The best and most high-potential businesses can experience declines for numerous reasons. Laurent regularly intervenes into such situations, as he has both the skills and resources to turn even the most unfavorable circumstances around and get companies back on track to profitability and sustainable growth. If you’re experiencing any type of business hardship, be sure to speak with Laurent about how he can help by buying or investing into your company.

Laurent has specialized knowledge and experience in doing business internationally. Whether you need assistance with exportation, international negotiations with manufacturers or retailers, or guidance concerning any type of international operation or business expansion, be sure to speak with Laurent about whether a partnership would make sense in helping you reach your goals.

A Global Presence

Headquarter & Meeting Locations

Laurent frequently connects with clients and partners via email, chat, text, teleconferences and the like. He also enjoys in-person meetings at our U.S. based headquarter. For select opportunities, Laurent is also available to meet at the numerous international office locations from where his teams operate.

United States

9375 E Shea Blvd
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

United States

300 Colonial Center Pkwy
Roswell, GA 30076

United States

590 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 12022

United States

777 S Post Oak Lane
Houston, TX 77056


Bouchard 557/599
Piso 20 Buenos Aires


201 Sussex Street
Sydney NSW 2000


2001 University Street
Montreal, QC, H3A 2A6

Czech Republic

Klimentska 46
CZ-110 02 Prague 1


Bulevardi Street 7
00120 Helsinki


23 rue Balzac
75008 Paris


Unter den Linden 21
10117 Berlin


Via Monte di Pieta
20121 Milan


Herengracht 282
1016 BX Amsterdam


Calle de Alcalá, 61
28014 Madrid

United Kingdom

1 Northumberland Ave
London WC2N 5BW

Laurent Colby, PhD
Entrepreneur Investor Business Strategist Commercial Real Estate Broker

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